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IDentity – Problems in the system

The world is completely packed with people and all governments insist on every individual having an identity. The days of gypsies and hippies are over, aaaarghhh!!! As the number of individual increases, with them also increases their needs, their...


FunFair-ETH Online Casino

What Is FunFair? FunFair is an Ethereum-based platform for online casino gaming. Targeting the $47B online gambling market, FunFair isn’t actually a casino. Instead, the underlying gaming technology is licensed out to casinos and other gambling platforms. https://files.coinmarketcap.com/static/widget/currency.js The...


Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchains

Crypto market in India has been going through a lot of speculation and un-forseen events. The recent RBI ban on crypto transaction by banks and the follow up judicial proceedings left the common trader helplessly waiting for a positive...