About Us

Nikhil Sahoo

Cyber Security Professional

Subhodeep Sarkar

Blockchain Enthusiast

“With everything turning online it’s very common to be ignorant about security. It’s just like building a beautiful house but leaving the front door open. Ignorance like this could be harmful, from minimal data theft to destroying your entire life’s work, it could ruin you. This can be stopped or prevented by using and learning some basic defense techniques.

I discovered security as a very passionate domain for me and I have been into this since then. I have worked with some major organizations and helped them make their system secure. I have much experience in bug bounties as well. With this website, I hope to educate people on the importance of security and how they can realise it for their homes as well as their work environment. I am free to criticism and suggestion, and will  deliver updated and helpful content regularly.”

“Blockchains have been the advancement in technology we all needed. It means to put your trust in yourself and not some other third party organization to maintain your books. You acquire complete control. With the distributed ledger technology we try to transform the industry into a much more lively network of systems with fault tolerance mechanism and more honest. 

I have been interested in bitcoins and this led me to the blockchain and DLT where I found my passion. This page is dedicated to delivering you updated and authenticated information about the blockchain technology.”