Introduction to Security 101


In our modern world where mostly everything is networked in some way or the other, security has become a major worldwide concern and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. With the increase in people managing their lives digitally, it is highly important for everyone belonging to any filed to know the basics to keep themselves safe from any financial, personal or data loss.

But as someone has rightly said


So Prevention Is Better Than Cure

A few question marks: –

What is Hacking?

Hacking is the process of finding loopholes in system/network/site and exploiting those weaknesses in an attempt to gain access to those systems. Simply put, it is the unauthorised access to or control over computer network security systems for some illicit purpose.

Who is a Hacker?

A hacker is a person who tries to find and exploit the weaknesses/loopholes in a system/network to gain access.

Now in short hackers are generally classified into 3 types:


Black Hat Hackers:

A hacker who gains unauthorized access to a system for unethical intention.

White Hat Hackers:

A hacker who gains unauthorized access to a system with a view to report this vulnerability and patch it before a black hat hacker could take advantage of it.

Grey Hat Hackers:

A hacker who may sometimes violate ethical standards and laws but does not have a malicious intention as a black hat hacker.

Now let’s take a real life example which most of us are aware of:

Today we live in such a world where WhatsApp messages travel faster than the speed of the light. All of us must have come across many messages like Jet airways free tickets, DMart free shopping, MI phone at 1099 etc. and a majority of us fall into this trap. But these are nothing but pure scams. In hacking terms these are referred as phishing techniques where the malicious hacker creates webpages which would look identical to the original website in an attempt to steal user information for their own needs.

Who am I?

Well I am a security enthusiast (hoping that someday I’ll turn into a professional) who spends a majority of his time on learning and reading literally anything related to cyber security and practising various security tools and techniques (of course for ethical reasons)

What to expect?

As all of us are learners no matter how great you are, we always tend to learn something or the other everyday as because learning has no age. Thus the main objective of this blog would be information sharing. I’ll be coming up with interesting articles on ethical hacking techniques, different attacking vectors and security issues for everyone with proper explanation and procedures. In case if you want you can also ping me and suggest me topics on which you would like me to write on. And finally as all us mistakes, you are happily invited to correct me whenever I write something incorrect (I promise I won’t let that happen).

So that’s for now. I’ll see you next time with some proper procedures on attacking stuffs. Goodbye

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